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The Alien Element (Kindle and ePub)

The Alien Element (Kindle and ePub)

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Drawn by an ancient mystery

The question of how a tribe of ancient Mayans ended up living on a distant planet continues to haunt archaeologist Eliana Fisk, but Amon won’t let her anywhere near the Translocator after what happened last time.

Since a return journey is impossible, she does what archaeologists were born to do, and searches for clues among Mayan ruins on Earth.

What she discovers in the jungle will reveal a mystery far older than she thought possible, with roots winding back through through the centuries…and eventually lead her to an primeval well of power that threatens the safety of both worlds.

The Alien Element is a fast-paced science fiction thriller with an edge of the fantastic—a treacherous quest for answers that becomes a harrowing battle against an ancient adversary beyond imagining.

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