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Starfighter Origins (Kindle and ePub)

Starfighter Origins (Kindle and ePub)

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Forged in fire, marked by fate

The xenos came to devour.

Three worlds they invaded before the Solaran Fleet ground them to a halt.

The aftermath spared no one in the Empire. Refugees flooded the core, trade routes crumbled, and economies collapsed.

Homeworlds were lost, lives shattered.

But from the ashes, three heroes emerged.

Witness the origin stories of the Fleet's finest starfighter pilots, the trials that molded them, and the events that put them on a path to ultimately save humanity.

In Starfighter Origins, M.G. Herron presents a captivating collection of three action-packed space opera novellas: Spare Parts, Raptor, and Operation Heartstrike.

Fans of MG Herron’s hit series, Relics of the Ancients, will enjoy familiar characters, while new readers get to savor three standalone space adventures that serve as the gateway to an epic and sprawling science fiction universe.

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