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Spare Parts (Audiobook)

Spare Parts (Audiobook)

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The Kryl invaded in the dead of night.

The Nevers family had to flee. Yuzosix, once their home, must be left behind.

Along the way, young Elya Nevers develops a strange habit… he begins to collect bot parts. Something about it soothes him.

But this strange obsession soon catapults Elya into an inescapable conflict, one that will shape the man he becomes.

And plant the seed of his destiny.

Spare Parts is a space opera novella in a new intergalactic universe from the mind of M.G. Herron. Fans of Star WarsBattlestar Galactica—even the strategy game Starcraft—will love this new space opera adventure from the bestselling author of the Translocator Trilogy.


Spare Parts is Book 1 of Starfighter Origins. This series continues in the Relics of the Ancients!

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