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Riot: A Sci-Fi Thriller (Kindle and ePub)

Riot: A Sci-Fi Thriller (Kindle and ePub)

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Countless starving people. One seed of hope.

Enshi is in crisis. Years of famine and enforced rationing have led to food riots and mass uprisings across the country.

Only one hope remains to avert total disaster—a genetically modified rice seed created by a genius biologist who’s just trying to protect his family from an angry mob.

Can Magistrate Kai Ming retrieve the seed from his old friend and deliver it, in secret, across an area that’s become a minefield of deadly riots?

Can the seed be used to avert complete societal collapse?

Accompanied by his bodyguard, ex-military scout Ari Klokov, whose past is shrouded in the fog of amnesia, and assisted by Po, the genius biologist’s tenacious daughter attempting to reunite with her family, the three undertake a desperate quest to save the country… and maybe the world.

Riot is a science fiction thriller about a futuristic uprising, where rioters face down mechs, genetic engineering saves lives, and ordinary people have the power to rise as heroes in a time of crisis. Grab your copy and start reading today!

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