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Relics of the Ancients (6 Ebook Collection)

Relics of the Ancients (6 Ebook Collection)

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One intrepid starfighter pilot.
One courageous astrobot sidekick.
One alien invasion.

When Captain Elya Nevers crash lands in the middle of an alien invasion, he makes a shocking discovery.

Little does he know that one mysterious relic has the power to alter the course of human history.

A technologically advanced race known as the Telos fled the galaxy eons ago...

Why did they vanish in such a hurry?

And what ancient relics of alien power did they leave behind?

"Space opera that has a soul. Every book is better than the last!" –Maureen H., Goodreads Reviewer

This box set contains 6 ebooks in M.G. Herron's hit space opera universe, three novels from Relics of the Ancients and three novellas from Starfighter Origins. Blast of into an action-packed and spellbinding space opera adventure now!

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