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Operation Heartstrike (Audiobook)

Operation Heartstrike (Audiobook)

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Love, Loss, and Galactic Warfare

Major Kira Miyaru embarks on a top-secret mission that will reshape the destiny of the galaxy.

Chosen to lead a stealth bombing operation on the enemy homeworld, Kira faces unimaginable risk as hostile xenos and the perils of galactic war threaten to consume her.

In the crucible of battle, she must rise above her fears and transform into a leader who will stop at nothing to destroy the alien Overmind.

But victory comes at a steep price. Kira must risk herself, her squad—and, to her horror, the love of her life.

Operation Heartstrike is a heart-pounding space opera novella that will leave readers breathless. With its thrilling starfighter battles, immersive world-building, and the emotional journey of a commander searching for the strength to lead her squad through the jaws of death, this space fleet adventure explores the complexities of love, the cost of sacrifice, and the indomitable human spirit.

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