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MG Herron

Hidden Relics (Limited Signed Hardback)

Hidden Relics (Limited Signed Hardback)

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This is a hardback edition of Hidden Relics, signed by the author, M.G. Herron.

Only available for a limited time! Order now to get yours in the next print run.


About the book

What they don’t know may doom the livable worlds

Captain Elya Nevers and the Furies face a different kind of danger back home as they bid farewell to fallen comrades, wade into the murky realm of Solaran politics, and hunt for knowledge about the Telos relics—while being hunted themselves.

Overmind X is still at large. She’s hungry to get her talons on the next artifact of alien power. Will she find it before the Solarans get their own house in order?

And what terrifying existential threat to the galaxy does she become if they’re too late?

Hidden Relics is the second interstellar adventure in the Relics of the Ancients series of space opera novels by bestselling author M.G. Herron. For fans of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and anyone who enjoys seeing starfighter pilots and their bots kick some serious alien menace.


Hidden Relics is Book 2 of Relics of the Ancients.

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